My review on Wikaniko’s Moringa oil


I have to be honest, despite me being a skin care junkie,before i started working with Wikaniko’s products i had no idea there was such a thing called Moringa oil.

When Wikanikio first announced that they produced the Moringa oil i was really interested and wanted to learn all about the benefits of using the oil, these are just a few of the things I’ve found.


Moringa oil is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. This nutrient-dense oil is famous for its anti-ageing properties. It helps removes wrinkles and prevents the sagging of facial skin as well. It comes filled with antioxidants that slow the ageing process down and help curb the activity of free radicals.

Moringa oil actually helps fight skin fatigue and its oil secretion. It is really great in counterfeiting the ill effects of pollution on your skin. It’s a great skin purifier, making it glow naturally.

The oil is also known for its outstanding properties of curing acne. It works wonders in removing black heads and spots from your skin. It is also known to be good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil. It helps cures minor skin cuts, rashes or even burns. You may also use it for healing insect bites.

Who doesn’t want glowing, young and healthy acne free skin?!?! When i found out that the product was is stock i ordered my first bottle, it only took 3 working days to arrive and looked like this.




How does it smell?

 It smells kinda a bit like green tea, it has a very natural earthy smell! It’s not my favourite type of smell but it’s not awful ether. It’s a smell I’m happy to use but i do know others that love the smell it! So you may to.

How did it feels on my skin?

First time I tried it i thought id use it as a night cream, i used about half a pump, warmed it up in my hands and patted it on my face.

It felt very dehydrating but didn’t clog my skin up, so it felt like my skin could still breath, which is just what I wanted! It’s hard to explain the texture, it’s a light oil and isn’t to greasy and  almost has a balmy texture.

The next morning I touched my face and my skin had absorbed all the oil and felt so smooth! I also had a  lovely healthy glow with no oiliness or stickiness at all.

How long does it take to soak in?

I do use it in the mornings when my face feels really dry as a replacement for my normal lighter moisturizer, or sometimes i mix a bit of the oil into my normal day moisturiser depending how i feel.

When i just use the oil it normally takes about 20 minutes for it to sink in enough so i can apply makeup on top, which is fine with me! I do my skin care routine, put the oil on, then brush my teeth, get dressed, and do all the things i do in the morning to get ready. So by the time its time to put my makeup on, the oils absorbed into my skin so I’m all ready for my makeup.

I’ve started using it on some of my scars on my body to see if it will help those, so if i have good results i will post another blog post or put an update on my social media so you can see the benefits for yourself.

All in all though i really like this oil and would definitely recommend it to others as part of your skin care routine, you can also use this oil in food so you can get both health benefits so i may give that a go also.

If you would like to try this oil out for yourself just click Click here

What are your favourite oils you use on your face?

Leave a message in the comments below as I’m just getting into oils I would love try some more!



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