faith in nature rejuvenating facial wash

I have really began to love faith in nature products, their amazing quality and price.

Since the weathers got colder my skin has suffered! I have acne prone, dry, rosacea, sensitive and flaky skin and I’ve been trying to find a face wash that’s simple and soothes my skin, is not drying and doesn’t make my break outs worse as i find a lot of moisturising face washes help the dryness and redness but make my acne worse.

I was hunting though my shop and i came across this one! the products description says Rejuvenating Facial Wash that cleanses and refreshes. whilst restoring the skin’s natural balance. Lightly foaming to smooth the complexion and refine pores. Contains Organic Aloe Vera with moisturising and anti-oxidant properties.


The reviews  sold me as there was lots of people who claimed the product didn’t dry their skin out and that it also helped their acne.

So when it came, my first impressions was i thought the product looked cute and i LOVED the smell! It has a very gentle smell a bit like baby lotion  but with a hint of lavender. I still love the smell just as much weeks after, it’s very soothing!


It’s like a lotion/gel texture and doesn’t foam up much just as its says.

It’s really soothing and non drying but also leaves you feeling nice, clean and fresh!

Using it for this past month, I’ve found that my skin has felt much calmer and happier and a bit less red. It takes my makeup off except my waterproof mascara, so if you wear water proof mascara id get a separate makeup remover, it doesn’t bother me as I’m used to using a cleansing oil/balm before i wash my face anyway.

It leaves me with a nice glow (not a shiny oily face, more of a healthy radiant  look)

There’s not a lot more i can really say about it other than i really love it and will continue to buy it for a long time as a staple in my skin care routine.

If you would like to try it out yourself just click Here

I highly recommend it to anyone as i think it will suit all skin types! If you’ve already tried it id love you to leave me a little message to tell me your experience with it.



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