Its 9.00 am and you’ve already had a large cocktail…

The average person uses 9 personal care products every day. Most of
these contain scores of man made chemicals. Many of these chemicals
have never been studied for woman applying creamlong-term safety. Those that have will have only been looked at with regard to compatibility with the other chemicals in the same product (not if they were then mixed with different products that you use!)

Your skin absorbs 60% of everything that you put on it – so how many products are you using and so mixing into a deadly cocktail on your skin? Soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, shaving gel,moisturiser, foundation, deodorant, makeup remover, body lotions – anything else?

Your body simply cannot deal with all of these chemicals, so they build up, and could cause you problems later on. Many of the products that claim to be ‘natural’ are not. They only need to contain one natural ingredient to support their claim of being ‘natural’. Have a look at your products and see how many contain SLS or SLES, Parabens, Aluminium Chloride, anything ending in DEA, TEA or MEA, and mineral oils. These can cause a range of problems from eczema and rashes, to mimicking oestrogen, blocking pores, even to some being casually linked to cancer.cat5044hw_phb_hydrating_facial_wash_with_avocado_myrrh

There is a simple solution. There is a wonderful range of
products available to suit your every need. Many are even
award winning, and they are free from nasty chemicals.
To see how you could be taking even better care of yourself
than you are already, Click Here

…After all, you really are worth it. Are’nt you?


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