Review on the natural deodorant stone (Wikaniko brand)

 I’ve always been a supermarkets own brand kinda girl, you can always find some fantastic hidden gems, so when I came across this deodorant stone for a very cheap price (£2.99!) from the brand I’m working with i got extremely excited!

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve always had problems finding a good deodorant that, 1 keeps me feeling fresh and clean though out the day, 2. that also doesn’t make my armpits sting and itch as i have very sensitive skin.


First lets see what the company says it will do… 


The pure natural rock crystal eliminates odour causing bacteria allowing perspiration without body odour.

Does not block pores.

  • Unisex
  • 24 hour protection
  • Unscented
  • Natural mineral salt
  • No animal testing
  • No Parabens
  • No Aluminium Chlorohydrate

20% extra free – 120gm for the price of 100gm!

I also found out that if you look after your deodorant stone it can last many years! So not only is it better for you, has no nasty chemicals but can save you money!

my personal experience using it…

for those of you who are wondering how you use it, you simply wet it with water, rub it under your armpits or where ever you smell (almost like a roll on deodorant) and then

leave it to dry.


It hasn’t irritated my armpits at all since having it, I did find though that the first time i used it took me a while to get used to the sensation of not having a film under my armpits, like from my normal deodorant which made me wonder if anything was on there to stop me from smelling. but to my surprise it worked fantastic and now the thought of a film on my armpits makes me feel icky! 

I got so excited I made my husband try it before he went to work, he gets quite hot and bothered at work so when he comes in after he normally smells, but when he came home after work this time he said his been impressed how fresh he stayed! Now he keeps nicking my deodorant! So i will buy him one on my next order.

I’ve had this now for at-least a month and I’m definitely going to keep using my deodorant stone,which still looks in good condition, and i’m sure it will stay that way.

My last thoughts on the product are that i think everyone should have one! If you would like to try one out for yourself just click on the link below

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my next product review coming very soon!


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