The raw chocolate co Vanoffie flavour

I thought id attempt at doing a chocolate review for you guys.


I have to be completely honest, I’m normally the type person who normally scoffs a whole chocolate bar by myself in seconds, so I am no chocolate tasting pro but i am a huge chocoholic!

I’ve always been terrible at explaining tastes and smells but I’m willing to give it a good go for you guys, so here we go…

It’s very rich and at first I can taste coco then you get the banana but its  not like an artificial banana it taste like the banana you get in say a yazoo milkshake but its more like a sticky chewy sun-dried banana taste, it’s still sweet but taste real,then you the toffee taste finished with a milky taste, but not like a cow’s milk , its hard to describe but its definately  milk chocolate!

At first i wasn’t sure as I’m not used to the rich taste you get from better quality chocolate. But then once i got used to it ,then i couldn’t stop , now i love it!

I’m glad i brought a small one as I’m trying to lose weight, If i’d of got the large bar i think i’d of eaten the whole lot! I cant wait to try the different flavours, i think i will go for orange and mint next!

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