Super Concentrated Disinfectant review

I brought this a few weeks ago  and  i was impressed with this product so thought id do a review for you guys.


I was on the hunt for a new disinfectant, at first i was  going to go for the Eco egg one but sadly they had all sold out so i thought id give this one a go. (its back out now by the way click here to check it out

This is what the company says it does…

Super Strength Eco-Friendly Disinfectant, for all your disinfecting needs. This super strength eco-friendly disinfectant is 90% biodegradable, phosphate free, neutralises odours, and has a fresh pleasing scent. Can be applied neat for a very strong disinfectant or diluted with water, Apply using a mop, sponge, cloth or trigger spray to all washable surfaces, with no need to rinse.

It comes in a simple bottle with a flip poor cap, and has a nice gentle herbal/clean smell.


The way i like to use it is in an old squirty bottle diluted with a bit of water, i spray and then i wipe or buff with one of my micro fibre cloths.

It leaves a bit of a nice sheen on my work tops and doesn’t make smudge marks on my cooker top or microwave.

For the floor i like to put a good amount in a bucket with hot water with a cloth or mop.My tiles don’t get any more slippy  than with just water.

The other day i spilled milk on the floor and it got rid of any smell that milk can leave behind, it also gets rid of smells when i clean the inside of my bin to.

My end thoughts on the product are ; i really like this cleaner and would definately recommend it to anyone,it really is a good basic antibacterial cleaner!

Would i buy it again? yes i would! But i still have other cleaning products from the company i want to try, but i will go back to this one again in the near future.

If you are interested in trying this, simply click on the link to visit this product.

If you would like to try one of our microfiber cloths with it click here


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