Faith in nature Aloe shampoo review


hey guys, hope your all well and your Monday hasn’t dragged to much. 🙂

To start the review of the Faith in nature aloe shampoo, i thought it was good to first  let you know my hair and scalp type.

My scalp is dry,also it gets really sore, itchy and flaky.

My hair type is quite thick and dry at the ends but gets oily.

The texture of my hair is straight but wavy in random places, but then sometimes i wake up with proper curls, random i know!

It also gets tangled really easy, the worst place is the back of my head and there are times ( I know its shameful) i really cant be bothered to try and get the knots out,so i just stick it up in a messy top knot so i don’t have to deal with it.  So you can imagine its fun to find products that work…

I don’t know about you guys,but this hot weather as nice as it is has been has made my hair feel yucky!

I’ve normally got dry hair and skin, but my skin has gone greasy, flaky and my hair feels like I’ve put a load of product on it but is still like straw.

I’m extremely low maintenance with my hair but i was quite excited to see what this shampoo was like. There is always an element of hope each time i try something  new hoping it will help me with my birds nest!

So this is what the company claims it does…

Skilfully developed with beneficial aromatherapy oils by our own experts to nourish hair and scalp, using Nature’s ingredients while caring for the environment. Part of our award winning range of natural beauty products.

High in active Organic Aloe Vera which contains many enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides shown to be beneficial to hair and scalp. It regenerates hair and balances sebum oil production from the scalp, ensuring hair is not too dry or oily.

  • Paraben & SLES free
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
  • pH balanced
  • Biodegradable


Aqua, Ammonium laureth sulfate*, Maris sal, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice**, Polysorbate 20*, Cocamidopropyl betaine*, Citrus limon peel oil*, Citrus aurantifolia oil*, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil*, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Citric acid*, CI 75810*, Citralº, Limoneneº

* vegetable origin
** certified organic
° from essential oils

Its also cruelty free and vegan friendly!


The first thing i noticed when i poured it out, was how runny it was.Its not like crazy watery runny but less thick than the drug store like shampoo i normally use.Its not a bad thing though ,its because it has less rubbish in it and its not any harder to use at all.

In fact i prefer it!


It has a very fresh lemon/limey citrus smell  and lathers very nicely!


Alot of citrus smelling things tend to make my scalp more sore and itchy but i didn’t need to worry at all, it felt nice on my temperamental scalp, no irritation at all, infact id say it was soothing!

It rinsed out really easily and left a nice fresh smell in my hair and bathroom that is not over powering and lasts a few days in my hair. I found there was no residue left so it didn’t feel weighed down,at the same time it wasn’t stripping and i thought id be brave and try using no anti tangle spray and my leave in conditioner to really test it out.I did get away without using them , but i think i prefer to use my spray at other times because i just hate the feeling of pulling at all.

When i dried it, it felt nice clean and fresh, but also not dry at all.

There was also a nice amount of volume.

My husband, Jaden has also been trying this shampoo with me and he likes it to, I’ve also noticed he’s not had as much dandruff as before, it must be the oil balancing property’s to it.

I’ve also tried out this shampoo mixed with a small hand full of my Epsom salts;as its meant to be good to get rid of build up and it worked really nicely! The combination gave my hair extra volume and made it nice and bouncy, its going to be my special trick when i want to make a bit of extra effort.

Overall i really love this shampoo and would highly recommend it. I can’t wait to try the rest of the faith in nature products!

If you are interested in trying it then just Simply click on the link to visit this product.



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